A Notable outlook on the year ahead

February 05, 2021 | 4 min read

By Pranay Kapadia

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The pandemic exacerbated the need to improve patient engagement, support touchless check-in and registration, and respond swiftly to new demands for virtual care and telehealth.

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Like many industries, healthcare is still reeling from the existential shock of the past year.

The pandemic exacerbated the need to improve patient engagement, support touchless check-in and registration, and respond swiftly to new demands for virtual care and telehealth.

At Notable, our ultimate goal is to empower health systems to provide exceptional care by automating the inefficiencies out of their day-to-day operations.

In 2020, we were fortunate to experience 20x platform growth, as health systems embraced intelligent automation as a core capability to reset, rebuild and prosper. As the world grappled with how to optimize healthcare delivery during a global pandemic, I’m proud to report that health systems using Notable saved 700+ hours of time per provider, enabling them to identify and engage more patients in need of care. Additionally, despite COVID-19’s strain on an already stressed system, organizations using Notable reported a provider Net Promoter Score of 74.

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to build upon the momentum from the the last year:

We enabled health systems to quickly deploy new automated workflows related to COVID-19. For example, our COVID-19 Triage workflow automatically pre-screens all patients for symptoms of COVID-19 before their appointment. Since the start of the pandemic, this workflow has identified more than 4,200+ high-risk ambulatory patients and rerouted them to the appropriate care modality, such as telehealth or urgent care — saving over 3,500 hours for registration staff and reducing thousands of outbound calls. Last month, we extended these capabilities with a new workflow for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration. Now, providers can use Notable to automatically identify eligible vaccine candidates, inform them on how, when and where to receive the vaccine; schedule the appointment and automate reminders for a required second dose. Our partners are gearing up to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of patients across multiple states with the support of Notable’s automated vaccine workflows.

We set new industry benchmarks for patient engagement. Health systems such as Intermountain Health that are using Notable for patient intake often see digital completion rates north of 80% from patients of all ages — including those 65 and older who may not typically think of themselves as digitally-savvy. A core purpose of the Notable platform is to enable health equity by empowering all patient populations — regardless of demographic or digital dexterity. For example, patients who are blind or visually-impaired are using our voice capability to schedule and check in to appointments, and often comment that Notable is the best patient engagement platform they have ever used. We believe our commitment to user-centered design is why health systems using Notable consistently report patient satisfaction ratings of 97% or higher.

We transformed how organizations automate administrative and clinical workflows in the ambulatory space. We saw tremendous adoption of our existing workflows to support staff and clinicians with their burdensome and repetitive tasks. By implementing Notable’s automated clinical workflows, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) reduced provider documentation time in the EHR by more than 45%, freeing up more time to be spent with patients. Notable has empowered ARC to serve more patients in their community, while giving valuable time back to providers. One ARC Ob/Gyn says Notable “has significantly changed and improved my life.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are limitless applications for intelligent automation, and infinite types of workflows that can be automated using Notable.

This year, we plan to extend our platform capabilities to support domain-specific workflows across the care continuum, to eliminate friction and drive holistic value across the entire organization.

We envision a world without workqueues. For scheduling, registration and revenue cycle management, we’re transforming workflows like insurance verification, prior authorization and payments to remove the need for manual review and burdensome call centers. Through intelligent automation, we can profoundly transform traditional work queues into automated flows that enrich the patient experience, increase resource utilization and grow revenue.

We’re focused on streamlining the clinical and inpatient experience from the moment patients are admitted to the hospital to well after they are discharged. Our inpatient workflows include automations to identify patients who are eligible for cardiac or pulmonary rehab, would benefit from referrals to palliative care or social work, or may be appropriate candidates for clinical trials. Upcoming intelligent automations include facilitating problem list upkeep, suggesting discharge dates, scheduling post-discharge follow-up appointments, and recommending patients for inter-hospital transfer. With COVID-19 still looming, intelligent automation will continue to play a key role in streamlining patient flow and care coordination. To date, our inpatient automations have powered meaningful reductions in length of stay and improvements in quality of care.

At Notable, we envision a future where every patient can instantly access the best care for their needs, and every provider can give the most personalized care. We’re building a platform that we believe can simplify how healthcare is delivered. We’re grateful to our partners for giving us the privilege to provide a great experience for patients, and as part of that, support providers and staff to best care for them.

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