North Kansas City Hospital Improves Digital Patient Registration; Reduces Care Gaps by 15%

The health system expanded its use of Notable to deliver a fully digitized, automated registration experience, along with care gap outreach.

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The challenge

The multitude of touchpoints that comprise the patient journey begin well before the patient arrives in the clinic. Modern technologies like intelligent automation can eliminate the friction caused by repetitive, manual workflows that overburden staff, frustrate patients and lead to disparities in quality of care. Many of these frustrations start at the digital front door, which is a catch-all term for the multitude of ways patients can digitally connect to care across the continuum.

Even when a patient gets in the door for a visit, they don’t always end up receiving the care they need. This disconnect - or care gap - manifests in a variety of ways. For example, a patient might forget to schedule regular well visits, or a new diagnosis is not shared between the patient’s primary care provider (PCP) and specialist. Care gaps can result in a missed diagnosis and unnecessarily costly or invasive treatment later on, which creates even more work for both patients and providers. 

Traditionally, it is difficult to identify and/or screen patients based on risk factors and reach out to them proactively, in real-time. Healthcare organizations employ a variety of methods to capture and store information about a patient’s care, and EHRs typically are not set up to automatically reconcile data -- especially if the patient received care outside of their PCP -- and close the gap.

The solution

Since implementing Notable to deliver a fully digitized, automated registration experience, NKCH and Meritas Health have engaged 4,000+ patients per week, with 70% of those patients successfully completing the registration process directly from their phone. This has resulted in over 4,650 hours in time savings for staff that would otherwise be spent repeatedly calling these patients to remind them to complete their registration.

By meeting patients where they are - at home or on the go - and making it easier for them to register for their visit ahead of time, NKCH and Meritas Health have cut its no-show rate in half, resulting in a 23% decrease in no-shows and cancellations. This is projected to save the health system more than $840,000 over a one-year period, which otherwise would be spent on hiring MAs and front desk staff to manage the increased administrative workload generated by no-show patients.

North Kansas City Hospital

"A patient’s journey begins well before their visit. If we can bring the registration experience to them - in the comfort of their own home - we can reach more patients and ensure they get into the clinic in a timely manner to receive the care they need and deserve."

Dr. Todd Beardman
CMIO, North Kansas City Hospital

Dr. Todd Beardman, CMIO at North Kansas City Hospital

Dr. Todd Beardman
CMIO, North Kansas City Hospital

Notable impact

icons_care gap outreach
icons_care gap outreach
Removing the manual burden from care gap identification and outreach

In just nine months, NKCH and Meritas Health digitized the intake process to close care gaps and ensure patients get the care they need: 

  • In just three weeks, one Meritas Health clinic closed 18% of Medicare Annual Wellness care gaps using Notable -- which translates to 37 hours of time savings for front desk staff.
  • In just one month, NKCH closed 13% Mammography screening care gaps, and 9% colonoscopy screenings.

These savings have a direct impact on advancing the health system’s value-based care initiatives, which is a long-term goal to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. By automating patient engagement and care gap outreach, NKCH and Meritas Health eliminate repetitive and unnecessary paperwork, recurring office visits, and costly procedures. With intelligent automation, there are fewer hospitalizations and readmissions, resulting in happier, healthier patients without expensive medical bills. 

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Happier patients at every stage of the care journey

Today, when a patient receives a text or email alerting them to schedule their appointment or procedure, they simply log in with their last name and birthdate. Because of Notable’s intuitive interface and usability, a patient satisfaction rating of 95% has been achieved from those who completed the automated registration process. Here are a few patient comments:

  • “I like this because it allows me to pinpoint symptoms and problems directly to the doctor for evaluation prior to my visit. It allows me to not have to jot down information from memory or make lists to show the doctor the day of my visit.”
  • “Appreciated the pre-populated forms so I didn’t have to repeat information that should be on file as a returning patient.”
  • “Love being able to check-in online. Makes the experience in the office more manageable.”
  • “We got it to work even though we're in our 80's and technology challenged!"

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