Reid Health deploys automated pre-visit registration in just 4 weeks

How the regional health system increased digital completion rates by 56% among geriatric patients

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Use case




The challenge

In addition to improving patient engagement, Reid Health aimed to improve staff engagement simultaneously, specifically front desk and customer contact center staff: “We have two main goals for deploying Notable’s intelligent automation platform. One is to alleviate administrative workflow burdens from staff to allow them to focus on higher value activities,” said Michelle McClurg, vice president and chief experience officer at Reid Health. “The other is to offer patients seamless digital experiences that empower them to feel more prepared for care.” Through intelligent automation, Reid Health is eliminating frustrating administrative experiences for consumers and staff, like paper forms, phone calls, and voicemails. Reid Health has focused on using intelligent automation to increase patient engagement specifically with their Medicare cohort, which makes up more than 70% of their patient population.

Given the added layer of complexity and documentation for Medicare registrations, the health system saw a unique opportunity to streamline the antiquated process. The MSPQ form is one particular area of redundancy and frustration, yet required for Medicare patient registration. If the form is not completed correctly, it can cause significant problems for revenue cycle staff and hinder patient access altogether. By presenting the MSPQ form digitally, before a patient arrives in the clinic, Reid Health is eliminating repetitive steps in the registration process. 

The solution

Today, 53% of Reid Health’s Medicare patients complete their MSPQ through Notable, in the comfort and privacy of their home. By digitizing and automating the MSPQ, Reid Health can eliminate subsequent Epic workqueues altogether. For example, by automating registration workflows, Reid Health has saved its registration and customer contact center staff 1600 hours that would otherwise be spent making phone calls or entering information into the EHR.

With the adoption of intelligent automation, Reid Health prioritized implementation at clinics and patient cohorts with the lowest overall engagement. Reid Health deployed Notable at its geriatrics clinic first and, within the first week, reported a 38% digital completion rate among these patients. Two weeks later, after Notable adjusted engagement features to fit the patient population, engagement rates reached 56%. This engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the industry standard of 5-10%, can be attributed to Notable’s user-centered design, configurability, and low barrier to entry.


“Notable’s configurable platform and iterative approach to implementation enabled us to launch a digital-first check in experience in just four weeks. On the back end, we have extended the capacity of our human workforce to serve patients, without having to increase staffing – the 96% patient satisfaction rating speaks for itself.”

Michelle McClurg
Vice President, Chief Experience Officer


Michelle McClurg
Vice President, Chief Experience Officer

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