The Notable platform

Unleash an AI-enabled digital workforce to power access, growth, and the revenue cycle.

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Intelligent, flexible, and configurable

Notable harnesses the latest advances in AI to deliver healthcare’s most comprehensive automation platform. It works by deploying digital assistants within any source system to perform manual and repetitive work on behalf of staff and clinicians.

Artificial intelligence

Get turnkey access to vetted AI capabilities, trained on models based on millions of data points across the industry.

Computer vision

Identify and analyze discrete fields across EHR screens, scanned paper records, and other data sources.


Match, organize, and process documents and records faster and more accurately than humans.


Extract and process structured data from images, faxes, or EHR records.

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Personalized engagement

Optimize each outreach, visit, and touchpoint with your patients to prompt the right next step.

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Multi-language support

Improve engagement by extracting language preference from the EHR and digitally communicating with patients in their preferred language.

Optimized communications

Maximize patient response and engagement rates by scheduling outreach when patients are statistically most likely to respond.

Fully accessible

Ensure accessibility to all demographics and populations through our app-less user experience compatible with screen reading technology.

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Seamless integration

Prove value and drive outcomes quickly with a flexible integration approach.

System agnostic

Deploy digital assistants within any EHR, CRM, or source system with limited backend work for IT.

Established EHR partnerships

Accelerate delivery with pre-built EHR integrations through the Epic App Market, Cerner code program, and more.

Complete coverage

Power clinical and administrative workflows by accessing any field within the EHR, regardless of API access.

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Self-serve configuration

Configure automated flows to replace manual workflows through a no-code user interface.

No-code interface

Deploy automations quickly and maximize IT efficiency through a no-code platform.

Library of templates

Utilize a library of 1,000s of best practice templates, forms, and workflows to get started quickly.

Highly extensible

Configure Notable’s intelligent solutions according to physician, practice, or specialty preferences.

Performance analytics

Utilize powerful, data-driven insights to maximize the impact of automated flows.

Solution dashboards

Discover opportunities for improvement and optimization through solution dashboards.

360° operational reporting

Quickly identify and address performance improvement opportunities through a comprehensive view of Notable deployments.

Partner benchmarking

Monitor key baseline and performance metrics compared to similarly sized healthcare organizations deployed with Notable.

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Multiple solutions powered by a single platform

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