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Notable engages every patient at the right moment – without staff involvement.

The Notable platform, powered by Patient AI

Patient AI is the heart of the Notable platform. It is the intelligence that personalizes patient experiences while automating the work for caregivers.

How Patient AI works

Patient AI continuously reviews millions of data points across medical records and third-party data sets to develop a comprehensive clinical and social understanding of each patient.

Large language models

Analyze the patient’s clinical history, digital engagement preferences, and more to develop personalized recommendations.

Computer vision

Convert insurance cards, EHR screens, fax queues, and more into machine-readable text that can be actioned without staff intervention.

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Personalized Engagement

Proactively nudge patients with tailored experiences that drive action.

“Remembered” experiences

Increase satisfaction, boost engagement, and save time for returning patients by auto-populating known data provided in previous encounters.

Simplified communications

Prompt patients to take the best next step by engaging them with the right message using their preferred language, delivered in their preferred communication channel and at the right time.

Tailored recommendations

Proactively surface the right resources to nudge patients in improving their health and well-being.


Unify disparate data sources to develop a comprehensive view of the patient, without staff intervention.

Source system interoperability

Access the right data in the right fields within any source system using digital assistants to perform administrative and clinical workflows on behalf of staff.

Third-party data connectivity

Capture patient insights from external sources to enable deeper personalization using social determinants of health, consumer, employment, claims, and credit data.

Partner ecosystem

Match patients throughout their health journey with personalized care services from vetted partners within and outside your health system.

Accelerate delivery with pre-built EHR integrations


Empower your IT team and clinicians to quickly build, update, and monitor automated flows to replace manual workflows.

Flow Studio

Utilize a suite of no-code tools to rapidly deploy automations and monitor workflows, while increasing IT capacity.

Library of templates

Build upon an existing library of thousands of best practice templates, forms, and workflows to get started quickly.

Extensible automations

Map out every action for digital assistants to take according to physician, practice, and specialty preferences.


Utilize powerful, data-driven insights to maximize the impact of intelligent automation.

Solution dashboards

Discover opportunities for improvement and optimization through solution dashboards.

360° operational reporting

Quickly identify and address performance improvement opportunities through a comprehensive view of Notable deployments.

Partner benchmarking

Monitor key baseline and performance metrics compared to similarly sized healthcare organizations deployed with Notable.

Multiple solutions powered by a single platform

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