North Kansas City Hospital automated COVID-19 vaccine scheduling in 2 weeks

With Notable, North Kansas City Hospital (NKCH) maximized provider capacity to vaccinate as many people as possible, and remove friction from the process of scheduling a vaccine appointment.

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NKCH covid-19 vaccine outreach case study
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COVID-19 vaccine outreach

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the need for health systems to become more proactive in the way they engage with patients. It also pushed hospitals and health systems to the limit: almost overnight, care teams had to transition from in-clinic to virtual visits, implement touchless check-in and registration, and pivot at a moment's notice to triage COVID-19 cases, testing and vaccine administration.

During the early stages of regional vaccination rollouts, it was difficult to identify and/or screen eligible patients based on risk factors and contraindications in a scalable way. Since the availability of vaccines varied, it was not easy to forecast how many doses might be available at a given time; and evolving federal/state eligibility guidelines made it difficult to communicate the most current information to each patient cohort, about when and where to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Similar pain points are often prevalent in many population health workflows, such as care gap outreach and post-discharge follow up. NKCH embraced these logistical constraints as an opportunity to leverage automated scheduling capabilities to create a convenient and efficient workflow for patients, without the manual coordination that would typically be required by call center staff. This enabled NKCH to support more rapid administration of vaccines to their patient population.

The solution

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, NKCH partnered with a regional coalition, Operation Safe, to increase vaccinations among all Missourians. Operation Safe was formed with the goal of vaccinating up to 4,000 Missouri residents per day.  By utilizing Notable to digitize and automate identification, outreach, scheduling, and pre-visit intake workflows, NKCH engaged 40,000 patients in the first month of operation. 

All patients that scheduled their vaccine appointment at Operation Safe received reminder notifications via Notable to complete documentation within 24 hours of their vaccination. As a result, 85% of the almost 100,000 patients who scheduled vaccine appointments through Operation Safe completed their consent form and health questionnaire documentation digitally through Notable’s patient-facing solution.

North Kansas City Hospital

"One of the biggest factors for me in deciding to work with Notable was the fact that we could impact multiple levels of the clinic experience by automating many workflows from a single platform. We were used to long implementations that required extensive pre-planning. Notable was a much quicker, more agile implementation that allowed us to go-live at breakneck speed with minimal IT lift.”

Dr. Todd Beardman
CMIO, North Kansas City Hospital

Dr. Todd Beardman, CMIO at North Kansas City Hospital

Dr. Todd Beardman
CMIO, North Kansas City Hospital

Notable impact

A digital scheduling experience, deployed in less than two weeks

There is no way we could have been successful without Notable. At the end we were booking close to 5,500 patients per day.” - Dr. Todd Beardman, CMIO


Notable's 'digital assistants' leverage FHIR APIs to identify open appointment times and enable patients to book appointments. Any individual from the state of Missouri was able to request a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through the Operation Safe website. Using a patient’s first and last name and date of birth, Notable’s digital assistants automatically matched the patient to their existing record in NKCH’s Cerner EHR, or created a record for a net-new patient. From there, Notable utilized robotic process automation (RPA) and machine vision to scan the EHR and initiate a digital pre-visit screening to eligible patients, screen for COVID-19 symptoms, collect informed consent and schedule the appointment.

Operation Safe garnered a 99.3% patient satisfaction rating

Notable is optimized for ease of use: patients do not need to download an app or create a log-in to complete registration, and information shared from previous visits is automatically populated for patients to review and confirm. As a result, Notable averages a 96% patient satisfaction rating across all patient cohorts, including those from diverse backgrounds, and patients aged 65+ and patients who are visually impaired or have other disabilities.

One Operation Safe patient shared that the sign up experience was “Very user friendly! I've been so frustrated in trying to obtain an appointment by other methods.” Another said: “What's not to like? Even I could do it at 74! Simple, Simple, Simple. Thanks for making it so easy to do.”

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