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Intermountain Healthcare

“When we deployed Notable, we didn’t do an ounce of education or marketing to patients about the change in process. We simply sent a text. I was astounded to see 60% of patients were completing the pre-visit intake forms so fast, and I have nothing but confidence this number will continue to rise.”

Susan Tew
AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions
Montage Health

“Grouped appointments is a game-changer for us because it creates a unified experience for patients: one entity contacting them, one place to review all their information, one single, cohesive message. Additionally, Notable functionality enabled us to build custom logic to filter between SMS text, email and phone calls, to ensure we aren’t over-messaging on any one channel. From an operational standpoint, integrating appointment reminders and deploying Notable did not disrupt our existing EHR infrastructure as our source of truth."

Meg Dingae
Director, Digital Health