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April 13, 2021
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Supplementing reactive patient intake with proactive patient outreach

How health systems can leverage intelligent automation to supplement reactive patient intake with proactive patient outreach.

Gianna Fornesi
Supplementing reactive patient intake with proactive patient outreach

We’re exploring 6 key lessons for modernizing the digital front door in a way that is complementary to, and not disruptive of existing workflows.

So far, we covered how to transform the digital front door and the importance of user-centered design to create engaging digital patient experiences. Now, we’ll explore how health systems can leverage intelligent automation to supplement reactive patient intake with proactive patient outreach.

Traditional digital intake solutions are designed to optimize the experience of patients who already have appointments scheduled. But to maximize the value returned from investments in digital intake, health systems should aim to engage all patients in need of care, not just those who are already in the system.

By leveraging intelligent automation, health systems can use artificial intelligence to identify patients who are in need of care, either by detecting a care gap or identifying that a patient has not received care commensurate with those in similar patient cohorts. One health system using Notable was able to close 13% care gaps automatically by reconciling missing information in the EHR. With this information, health providers can extend the same digital outreach used with patients for pre-scheduled appointments to engage patients without appointments and bring them into the clinic.  

It's never been more important to design digital engagement strategies that proactively reach all patients in need of care, not just those with scheduled appointments.

Leverage robotic process automation to rapidly integrate digital solutions with the EHR

In healthcare, integration has proved to be a considerable stumbling block for organizations looking to accelerate their digital initiatives. Standing up a single HL7 interface can take months. And while many EHRs now offer FHIR APIs that digital health applications can hook into, almost no EHR’s APIs offer unfettered access to every field and function required to support the end-to-end registration and intake experience. 

Advances in robotic process automation (RPA) technology have revolutionized how organizations can connect digital health applications to their EHR. By enabling health systems to deploy bots or ‘digital assistants’ that replicate the clicking and typing that would otherwise be performed by an MA or front desk staff member, health systems can rapidly connect their EHR to external applications. This approach enables fast, multi-system connectivity while reducing reliance on an EHR vendor’s APIs and the need for traditional, time-intensive integration. It allows healthcare administrators to leverage the EHR for what its best at — serving as a central repository of all clinical information — while preventing bottlenecks in the deployment of digital technologies.

Intelligent automation powers modern patient intake

At a point in time when healthcare is stretched to the limit, health systems must take a modern approach to digital patient intake. Intelligent automation enables organizations of all sizes to rapidly transform the pre-visit patient experience through proactive, personalized patient experiences that are designed to reduce administrative burden for staff and providers.

Notable provides the leading platform for intelligent automation, trusted by 3 of the top 15 US health systems to digitize and automate workflows across the care continuum. Providers that use Notable for digital patient intake report 80% pre-visit registration completion rate, 500 hours of administrative tasks saved annually per provider, and most importantly, a 97% patient satisfaction rating. 

Get all 6 strategies for designing a digital front door that patients love. Download the guide.

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