Registration and Intake

Deliver concierge-level care without the manual work

Provide personalized recommendations and intuitive financial experiences during registration and intake.

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annual cost savings from recruiting, hiring, and training staff

“We’re saving 3,500+ hours for the front desk, which has increased employee and job satisfaction, and will ultimately help us do the same – or more work – without hiring more staff.”

Chris Knight


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decrease in no-show rates among geriatric patients


increase in payment collections


decrease in eligibility- and registration- related denials


pre-visit registration completion rate

How it works

Engage patients with a personalized digital experience

Automatically trigger digital registration and intake experiences

Uncover patients with upcoming visits and deliver a seamless pre-visit experience.

Reg 1

Provide every patient with personalized recommendations

Deliver concierge-level care by automating end-to-end administrative and clinical registration tasks on behalf of staff.

Reg 2

Update EHR data without staff intervention

Eliminate administrative burden by updating the right fields faster and more accurately than staff.

Reg 3

Replace multiple point solutions with one unified pre-visit patient journey

Patient registration

Proactively nudge patients to schedule for recommended care, pending referrals, open orders, or when it’s time to return to the clinic.

Appointment confirmation

Reduce no-shows and late cancellations by dynamically engaging the right patient at the right time.

Insurance payer-plan selection

Decrease denials and eliminate administrative burden by automating AI-powered insurance selection.

Estimates and payment plans

Give patients financial transparency, provide payment plans, and collect pre- and post-service payments without staff intervention.

Why Notable

The Registration and Intake difference

Without Notable

Manual workflows, point solutions, and EHRs

With Notable

Automated workflows, powered by AI



Labor and time-intensive due to workflows that are just digitized, not automated.


Concierge-level care and proactive outreach that does not require staff intervention.

Financial experience


Manual insurance capture and selection that increases risk of registration and eligibility-related denials.


Automated, accurate payer-plan selection that decreases denials and eliminates administrative burden.



Manual outreach by staff for each appointment and repeated requests for the same information.


Automated outreach to patients and a single link to easily confirm, cancel, or reschedule care across all upcoming appointments.

Without Notable

Manual workflows, point solutions, and EHRs

With Notable

Automated workflows, powered by AI


Heavy reliance on staff and the call center to manually reach out to and schedule patients.


Patients are either proactively outreached with an option to schedule care or are offered a self-scheduling web experience to book care anywhere, any time.

Time consuming

Patients must call into a call center to schedule any care or patients forego care completely due to lack of accessibility.


Online self-scheduling channels allow patients to schedule the care they need without needing to make multiple phone calls.


Status quo solutions lack the intelligence to honor provide templates and preferences resulting in distrust towards digital self-scheduling.


Notable assistants monitor and adhere to all provider templates and preferences ensuring that patients only schedule in the appropriate slots within a provider's calendar.

Registration and Intake is part of Notable's comprehensive intelligent automation platform.

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decrease in check-in time


patient satisfaction rating


pre-visit registration & intake completion

“When we deployed Notable, we didn’t do an ounce of education or marketing to patients about the change in process. We simply sent a text. I was astounded to see 60% of patients were completing the pre-visit intake forms so fast, and I have nothing but confidence this number will continue to rise.”

Susan Tew

AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions
Intermountain Healthcare
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touchless registrations


digital conversion rates


patient satisfaction rating

“There’s a lot of important administrative work involved with taking care of patients. For providers, it includes wrestling with the EHR, documenting notes, reviewing records, placing orders, and for others in the clinic, there’s checking patients in, getting questionnaires, and signing consents.”

Dr. Manish Naik

Austin Regional Clinic
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hours saved for registration staff over 6 weeks


patient satisfaction rating


digital pre-visit completion rate

“Grouped appointments is a game-changer for us because it creates a unified experience for patients: one entity contacting them, one place to review all their information, one single, cohesive message. Additionally, Notable functionality enabled us to build custom logic to filter between SMS text, email and phone calls, to ensure we aren’t over-messaging on any one channel. From an operational standpoint, integrating appointment reminders and deploying Notable did not disrupt our existing EHR infrastructure as our source of truth."

Meg Dingae

Director, Digital Health
Montage Health
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reduction in no-shows


increased revenue capture within 3 months


patient satisfaction rating

“Appointment reminders are just one piece of the multifaceted patient intake experience. We are investing heavily in intelligent automation because we have seen firsthand its potential to maximize patient engagement and extend the capacity of our workforce, without disrupting legacy technology infrastructure. Notable had an immediate impact on this front; the 92% patient satisfaction rating speaks for itself.”

Terry O’Neil

Good Shepherd
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