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Castell automates payer care gap attestation, closing nearly 2,800 care gaps overnight

Castell automates payer care gap attestation, closing nearly 2,800 care gaps overnight

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Castell is a comprehensive population health services company created by Intermountain Health in 2019 to expand its value-based care management programs. Castell embraces innovative technology to accelerate the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care (VBC). For example, Castell leverages intelligent automation from Notable to increase care gap closure and expedite payer care gap attestation.

Today, Castell is reconciling care gaps faster than ever by using Notable to automatically surface actionable data from the EHR. Since first partnering with Notable in 2021 to automate chart review, Castell has expanded its use of Intelligent Population Health to include automated payer care gap attestation.


“As a value-based care organization, data accuracy is critical for measuring performance and tracking and reporting patient outcomes. From surfacing care gap information within the EHR prior to a patient encounter, to validating and reporting closed care gaps to payers, Notable enables us to manage all of our population health workflows in one place.”

Dave Henriksen
Dave Henriksen
VP of Clinical Operations

annual cost savings from automated chart review

47 FTE

created from automated chart review


reduction in chart review time


charts reviewed and uploaded for payer care gap attestation


hours of manual work saved over two weeks for payer care gap attestation

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The challenge

Failing to close care gaps can result in missed diagnoses or unnecessarily costly or invasive treatment later on, which results in worse clinical outcomes, increased healthcare spending, and lower performance on value-based care contracts. Since expanding automated chart review to all 468 providers, Castell has offloaded this work to a digital workforce that would otherwise require an additional 47 full time care coordinators to complete.

The solution

Castell first utilized Notable for payer care gap attestation in 2021 for care gaps reported by United Healthcare and expanded to include Select Health in 2022. As a result, at the time of this report, Castell has submitted 6,915 charts for care gap attestation, resulting in a 6.9% increase in average closure rate across five care gaps: Colon Cancer Screening (COL), Breast Cancer Screening (BCS), Diabetes Eye Exams (CDCEYE), Diabetes Nephropathy Monitoring (CDCNEP), and Diabetes A1c Monitoring (CDCA1C9).

By automating payer gap attestation, Castell can proactively surface necessary documentation to close open care gaps and report them back to payers. Using Notable, Castell ensures it receives credit for services delivered to their patients throughout the year. Additionally, data is tracked accurately to measure performance and track financial and patient outcomes.

Since automating payer care gap attestation, Notable has reviewed over 100,000 patient charts, saving 8,360 hours of staff time.

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