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Montage Health drives over 200% increase in digital patient engagement within 6 weeks

Montage Health drives over 200% increase in digital patient engagement within 6 weeks

Montage Health
Montage Health
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Monterey Peninsula, CA



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Montage Health is a nonprofit healthcare system serving the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas, in Monterey, CA. The Montage Health family of organizations spans medical care, community health initiatives, fitness and wellness services, a Medicare Advantage plan, and more.

Montage Health is committed to delivering high quality care that empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare. To achieve this goal, Montage Health partnered with Notable to power a world-class digital front door for a seamless self-serve intake process and unified patient experience at each point of care across the organization.

Montage Health

“Grouped appointments is a game-changer for us because it creates a unified experience for patients: one entity contacting them, one place to review all their information, one single, cohesive message. Additionally, Notable functionality enabled us to build custom logic to filter between SMS text, email and phone calls, to ensure we aren’t over-messaging on any one channel. From an operational standpoint, integrating appointment reminders and deploying Notable did not disrupt our existing EHR infrastructure as our source of truth."

Meg Dingae
Meg Dingae
Director, Digital Health

hours saved for registration staff over 6 weeks


patient satisfaction rating


digital pre-visit completion rate


success rate for insurance card capture

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The challenge

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (Community Hospital) has roots that trace back to 1929, and more recently, Montage Health was developed to better serve the growing needs of the community. Today, Montage Health includes Community Hospital, Montage Medical Group, MoGoUrgent Care, Montage Wellness Center, Montage Foundation, and AspireHealth, which includes a Medicare Advantage Plan and population health program.

While Montage Health was created to offer patients a more seamless and integrated experience, patients still referred to each entity as its own separate healthcare provider. Additionally, each entity was using its own digital engagement tools for appointment reminders and other appointment-related communications. Because of its fast growth, there were repetitive messages and sometimes confusion around where to go for which services, and how each entity fit into the bigger organization.

The solution

Montage Health partnered with Notable to deliver an intuitive digital experience across all Montage Health points of care. By minimizing patient touchpoints through one automated system, the health system has also reduced the amount of repetitive, manual administrative work that overburdened staff and often lead to disparities in quality of care.

Montage Health is leveraging Notable to power grouped messaging for its medical group and hospital outpatient departments. Previously, Montage Health utilized three separate appointment reminder systems. Now, this process is consolidated through one message, which includes the appointment reminder and the digital registration, without the need for staff intervention: if a patient has multiple appointments with the same provider,or at different clinics, Notable sends one text with one link to confirm or cancel the appointments, and complete the digital registration.

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