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August 5, 2022
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Nurturing a culture to transform an industry

To stay laser-focused on our goals, Notable has cultivated a set of principles to serve as a north star for our team.

Pranay Kapadia
Nurturing a culture to transform an industry

At Notable, our mission is to radically transform healthcare, using technology to dramatically improve the quality of patient care while eliminating trillions of dollars in administrative spend. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the criticality of the work we are driving, and as we move into the post-COVID ‘new normal’, we have a massive opportunity to redefine what’s possible in healthcare for hundreds of millions of patients, providers and staff.

Since we founded Notable, seizing this opportunity has required us to do things that have never been done before, fail at things that didn’t work (despite our best efforts), and continually push and support each other through every step of creation, iteration and scaling.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It’s incredibly demanding, and requires 100% focus on our mission. Because of this, we have intentionally crafted a set of cultural principles and values to serve as a north star for our employees, and to help prospective candidates self-select into or out of our team.

Our cultural principles

We focus all resources on our mission

We are obsessed with transforming healthcare — reducing costs and improving outcomes for patients, while alleviating burnout for healthcare workers. It’s an incredibly challenging and worthwhile mission, one that demands our full commitment in order for us to be successful.

Because of this, we focus all of our time and internal resources on advancing this mission, and do not invest company resources in initiatives that are not tied to our mission. For example, while many of us hold strong stances on political causes or social justice in our personal lives, we do not take public stances on these as a company, nor do we drive internal advocacy toward causes that we are personally invested in.

We are a team, not a family

Many companies refer to their coworkers as ‘family.’ We think this approach is not suited to Notable or our mission. Each person can associate different things with what it means to be a ‘family’, leading to misalignment on how we should interact with one another. Instead, we can all align on attributes that are common to world class teams, which we aspire to embody:

  • We feed off the energy that comes from collaborating with committed and passionate individuals to solve challenging problems.
  • We expect the best work from our resilient teammates and refuse to tolerate underperformance, lack of drive, or laziness.
  • We abhor silos, and work together as a collective to divide up the work and execute collectively to will things into existence.
  • We believe that each teammate is the best at what they do and thus has a unique responsibility and ability to accelerate our mission. We trust their decisions and deliverables, providing the flexibility and autonomy to best integrate Notable into their broader lives.
  • We have each others’ backs, always there to pitch in should a teammate be out injured, on leave or need a helping hand when projects get tough or overwhelming.
  • We care deeply for our teammates — when they are at Notable, and after they graduate on to new roles at other companies.

We embrace diversity in all its forms

Our team reflects a variety of different personal beliefs and cultural backgrounds, all equally valued and respected. We value and celebrate diversity of ideas, and see this as critical in helping us deliver on our mission:

  • We do not tolerate discrimination of any sort, whether it be based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other grounds.
  • We hire and promote the very best for each role regardless of their background, upbringing, race, ethnicity and education.
  • We ensure that our products are designed in a way to prevent discrimination against any person of any background.

Our cultural values

We redefine what’s possible

We aspire to exceed what’s considered best practice, setting new standards through our technology development, product design, and how we support our customers. We deliberately take on the most challenging opportunities, knowing these are where we can have the biggest impact for patients, providers, and staff.

We iterate with zeal

We believe that impactful products and delighted customers are the result of daily, focused iteration and a commitment to continual improvement. We bring a bias for action to our work and to our partnerships, opting for continual impact and improvement over analysis paralysis and drawing on learnings along the way to keep raising the bar.

We obsess over outcomes

We obsess daily over the outcomes we’re delivering, from the results that we drive for partners, patients and providers, to the impact our efforts make on growing our company. We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake, and hold ourselves fully accountable to our customers for driving transformational ROI.

We excel with humility

We pride ourselves on a diva-free culture, where personal ego takes a backseat to problem-solving, and where “who gets credit” matters less than how the problem is solved. We value humility as a precursor to excellence, and strive to approach each day with a beginner’s mind.

We celebrate the journey

We reflect with pride not only on our accomplishments, but also on every experience along the way. While learning from the past and focusing on future growth, we work and live in the present, celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a company that transforms healthcare for millions.

Our mission is essential, and we expect every employee at Notable to prioritize it while embodying our values.  If you see yourself thriving amidst this collective we would love to consider you for one of the many roles we’re hiring for.

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