How Lowell CHC improved health equity through automated digital engagement

With Notable, Lowell CHC digitized and automated pre-visit intake workflows for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, improving digital engagement rates by 30% among patients with limited English proficiency.

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Use case:

Automated COVID-19 vaccine outreach

The challenge

Like many health systems during the coronavirus pandemic, Lowell CHC was challenged with how to effectively identify and engage eligible patients for the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, Lowell CHC faced yet another roadblock: real-time communication with its diverse patient population of which more than 40% are not native English speakers.

To improve equitable access to this life-saving vaccine, Lowell CHC partnered with Notable to digitize and automate patient identification, outreach, scheduling, and pre-visit intake workflows for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

The solution

Lowell CHC leverages community health workers (CHWs) to engage patients through trusted, personalized outreach. Amidst this public health emergency, Lowell CHC identified the need to scale the capacity of each CHW to reach more patients in need of care. With intelligent automation the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) Lowell CHC saw an opportunity to expand capacity by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks that consumed a significant portion of CHW time.

Using Notable, Lowell CHC is automating and customizing communications based on social determinants of health such as language and literacy, to identify eligible patients and connect with them in their preferred language, about when and where to receive their vaccine.

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"We recognize that at their core, patients are consumers — they expect ease and efficiency in our practices. Notable enables us to both meet this expectation and redirect our most precious resources to provide high-touch care when it’s needed most.”

Brenda Rodriguez
Chief Strategy and Finance Officer

Brenda Rodriguez

Brenda Rodriguez
Chief Strategy and Finance Officer

Notable impact

With Notable, Lowell can increase patient engagement and ultimately, improve outcomes

With intelligent automation, health systems like Lowell CHC can reach patients in their own language, in the safety of their home, allowing them to feel heard, comforted and secure in their interactions. As a result, 98% of Lowell CHC patients that received a COVID-19 vaccine outreach from Notable completed the sign up process.


Notable is uniquely designed to engage all patients, not just those who are digitally-savvy. By enabling proactive, personalized outreach in the patient’s preferred language with Notable, Lowell CHC dramatically increased vaccinations in the most vulnerable populations more than 3/4 of people who received a COVID-19 vaccine through Lowell CHC have been people of color.

Patient and provider satisfaction
Patient and provider satisfaction
The Notable experience is fully-configurable and optimized for ease of use

Notable’s automations can be rapidly configured and modified in a matter of weeks via a no-code interface, allowing administrators to enable capabilities and tailor them as the needs of their organization or patient population evolve. For example, healthcare staff can choose the language, timing and frequency of patient communications based on pre-configured rules like state requirements for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility.


Patients do not need to download an app or create a login to complete the registration, and medical history shared from previous visits is automatically populated for patients to review and confirm. In keeping with its mission to enable health equity regardless of a patient’s background or digital dexterity, Lowell CHC is partnering with Notable to improve the patient experience through intuitive user-centered design and language configurability. As a result, Lowell CHC patients report a 96% satisfaction rating regardless of demographic, language or digital dexterity

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