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Austin Regional Clinic

Austin Regional Clinic cuts documentation time by 50%

How the Austin-based clinic deployed Notable to provide a superior digital patient experience.

Austin Regional Clinic


Solutions deployed

Intelligent Intake





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Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) is a multispecialty clinic based in Austin, Texas, that serves over 500,000 patients per year across 12 different cities. They currently employ over 2,000 providers and staff, who collectively support 1.2 million patient visits per year.

Austin Regional Clinic

“There’s a lot of important administrative work involved with taking care of patients. For providers, it includes wrestling with the EHR, documenting notes, reviewing records, placing orders, and for others in the clinic, there’s checking patients in, getting questionnaires, and signing consents.”

Dr. Manish Naik
Dr. Manish Naik

less provider time spent in Epic


reduction in documentation time


additional patients per provider per month


provider net promoter score

The challenge

In response to evolving patient expectations, ARC has invested in providing a superior digital patient experience, including same-day and after-hours appointments, 24/7scheduling, and access to their care team through ARC MyChart.

But even as they continued to improve access to care services and providers, ARC struggled to cope with increasing administrative burden for providers and staff.Clinicians spent hours per day on documentation, with many spending more time inEpic into the evenings and weekends, or blocking additional time during the day to ‘catch up.’

Because of this, Naik recognized an opportunity to leverage modern technologies like intelligent automation, which uses digital assistants to perform repetitive administrative and clinical tasks the same way that a human would.

The solution

In order to improve provider productivity and free up more time to be spent with patients, ARC started their Notable implementation with automated documentation.

Prior to their visit, Notable provides patients with digital pre-visit intake questionnaires - personalized by medical history - to collect symptoms, medical history, and other relevant clinical information. Using natural language processing, Notable transforms these inputs into a narrative history of present illness (HPI) and review of systems (ROS). Digital assistants, programmed to replicate EHR clicking and typing that would otherwise be performed by staff, automatically populate this note content into Epic, enabling the provider to more quickly prepare for their patient visit.

After the visit, providers can access pre-populated note content in a mobile app, and use their voice to complete the note and place orders. This updates the note and queues orders in the EHR that are ready for sign-off.

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