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March 24, 2023
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Notable and Cerner EHR: moving toward a more interoperable future

Discover how Notable’s seamless integration with Cerner EHR drives improved healthcare outcomes, boosts patient engagement, and streamlines workflows.

Tristan LeBlanc
Notable and Cerner EHR: moving toward a more interoperable future

The digital transformation in healthcare, although still in its early stages, has led to the widespread adoption of technology at hospitals and health systems across the country. Today it is common for a given health system to have an electronic health record (EHR), a practice management solution, multiple digital point solutions for things like patient communications, and even proprietary patient portals, each of which must be maintained by IT and used daily by administrators and clinicians alike.

While healthcare has made significant progress on interoperability, most solutions still require significant legwork from IT teams in order to get systems to work together, data silos to be unlocked, and a return on investment to be recognized.

At Notable, we’re on a mission to optimize care delivery for every patient and every caregiver. Fundamentally, that means we focus significant energy on ensuring our intelligent automation platform has the ability to integrate with any system. That is particularly true in the case of the EHR. With a quarter of all hospitals and health systems using Cerner EHR, Notable has a proven track record of driving positive outcomes for Cerner customers. In fact, here is a snapshot of the achievements of our Cerner EHR partners:

To further accelerate value for Cerner EHR customers and offer more integration flexibility, we are pleased to share that Notable is now validated by the Cerner Open Developer Experience (code). This program is intended to advance interoperability by allowing innovators access to Cerner’s ecosystem, including access to Cerner Ignite application programming interfaces (APIs). As part of this process, Cerner validated the Notable platform’s security, functionality, and user experience, and added us to their App Gallery.

Particularly during a time of widespread workforce challenges, the ability to seamlessly integrate without adding work for team members is a top priority. Terry O’Neil, chief information officer at Good Shepherd Penn Partners, stated that Good Shepherd has been using Notable “ maximize patient engagement and extend the capacity of our workforce, without disrupting legacy technology infrastructure.” 

At Notable, we remain committed to augmenting the Cerner EHR experience and driving outcomes for our partners as soon as possible. The validation by the Cerner Open Developer Experience (code) is another step in that direction, and there is more to come.

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