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January 23, 2024
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Using AI to drive value: Our 2023 year in review

Pranay Kapadia
Using AI to drive value: Our 2023 year in review

Seven years ago, my co-founders and I founded Notable with the mission to use what we learned from our time in the financial services industry - creating personalized customer experiences while eliminating burdensome, costly operational inefficiencies - to simplify and optimize healthcare for humanity. 

As we’ve scaled the company from a small garage start-up to an industry leader in the AI and automation space, each year has brought its unique set of opportunities and challenges.

With the emergence of generative AI, 2023 was a watershed year for the broader healthcare industry. These capabilities could not have come at a better time. Our industry remains desperately in need of technology innovation to combat margin pressures, staffing shortages, workforce burnout, and increasing competition from digital disruptors. 

2023 was also a remarkable year for Notable. I could not be more proud of our efforts to partner with healthcare organizations large and small to help them face these challenges head-on, using technology to fundamentally transform how they serve their patients and empower staff. In 2023, we dramatically expanded our footprint, serving over 32,000,000 patients and automating over 1,000,000 manual tasks every single day. We enlisted some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in healthcare, including our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Neinstein, who joined us by way of UCSF.  

And most importantly, we continued to drive demonstrable financial and clinical impact for our partners, empowering them to better serve their patients.

Reflecting on the year that was, here are some of the accomplishments that I am most proud of.

Leading the charge on driving AI adoption in healthcare

While many will remember 2023 as the year that AI emerged as a strategic priority for healthcare leaders, our team has been using AI capabilities for years to power just about every part of our platform. In 2023, we extended the power of our proprietary artificial intelligence capability, Patient AI, by introducing the use of large language models and GPT technology to personalize patient experiences and automate back-end staff workflows. 

To augment healthcare providers’ digital front door and patient access transformation efforts, we launched the Assistant, the first website conversational AI for healthcare to enable patients to move beyond simple navigation to complete tasks, such as scheduling appointments, paying bills, and accessing information about their care using natural language. 

LLMs have also proved to be extraordinarily powerful in supporting our partners where we are automating population health workflows that would typically take huge amounts of staff time, including chart abstraction, HCC suspecting, and care gap closure campaigns. 

AI also holds tremendous promise in the revenue cycle space, where we are working with our partners to automate prior authorization submission as well as matching a patient to a specific payor plan based on a photo of an insurance card. 

As we bring AI to the healthcare industry and partner with healthcare executives in developing and executing their AI strategies, we are setting the bar for what it means to develop in a safe and trusted manner. 

Empowering our partners

Unlike so many point solutions in the digital health space, we designed Notable from day one as a platform, where partners can leverage our platform building blocks to automate any staff workflow or power any kind of patient experience. 

With Flow Studio, we’ve empowered any Notable user to build on our platform through a no-code interface. Multiple customers are now building new workflows, editing existing ones that were set up by our team, and even developing new solutions and use cases on the platform without any help from our team. This dramatically increases the pace and scale of potential use cases and impacts with Notable, unleashing customer-led innovation and creativity.

Integration has always been a key enabler for solutions to go live on our platform. We doubled down on EHR partnerships this year, building a formal partnerships and alliances team, strengthening our partnership with Cerner through our membership in the Code program, becoming listed on the Athena app marketplace, and deepening our relationship with Epic. 

To empower our partners to make the most of our platform’s capabilities, we launched Notable Peak, which systematizes our best practices playbooks for achieving and measuring organizational impacts and outcomes with Notable. 

Driving transformative outcomes

Speaking of value - what I am most proud of is the value that our partners have been able to create with Notable, for their patients, their staff, their caregivers, and their broader organization.  Value is how we measure our impact on our mission - to simplify and optimize healthcare for humanity - and how we are advancing our customers’ goals to achieve growth, greater efficiency, and improved staff and patient experience.

A personal highlight for me was hearing from our partners at Noteworthy, our annual customer conference, about the specific impacts they have achieved with Notable in these areas. Some of the stand-outs include:

  • Automating the work previously performed by 80 open roles at North Kansas City Hospital, accounting for over 10% of their administrative workforce.
  • Reducing no-show rates by 14% at the Medical University of South Carolina 
  • Scrubbing over 134,000 charts at Montefiore Care Management Organization
  • Reducing annual staffing costs at Castell by over $4M per year

Results like these have had a transformative impact on our partners, and in turn, the patients that they serve. I read every bit of patient feedback we get. One patient completed our digital intake and said, “I could do it all on my phone with my baby in my arms. So easy.” Another went through our scheduling workflow and said, “Made scheduling easier than waiting for a live person to talk to while I am at work.” It is these moments and this type of feedback that fuels our desire to continue to tackle the hardest challenges we face as an industry. In short, I could not be more proud of the work we have done together. 

What’s next for Notable in 2024

I’ve never been more excited about the opportunity ahead of us to work with our partners to simplify and optimize healthcare. 

Looking forward, here’s a preview of what you can expect from our team.  

Double down on investments in artificial intelligence

We will continue to pioneer new applications of AI to personalize patient experiences and automate operational workflows for caregivers and staff. We’re honored to have been selected by many of the country’s leading institutions to be their partner in crafting and executing their AI strategy and will continue to reflect our learnings from these partnerships into our product roadmap.

Our vision is to provide every patient with a personalized experience at each moment in their care journey. In addition to directly automating digital touchpoints along the patient journey, we’re also going to be investing in empowering your staff to provide personalized experiences whenever your patients engage with them through the call center, or in the clinic. With Patient AI, we will provide every staff member with a ‘next best action’ that analyzes millions of data points to drive the best clinical outcome, financial outcome, and quality of experience for every single patient. 

We’re going to invest in making it even faster and easier for healthcare organizations to realize value from our platform. We’re rapidly rolling out Notable Peak to every partner, and are doubling down Flow Studio certification so that our partners can develop bespoke solutions designed to the unique needs of their organization. 

Last but not least, you’ll see us continue to broaden the ecosystem of organizations that we work with, using our artificial intelligence to serve as the connective tissue that bridges every interaction across every payer, provider, and care partner. We know that patient care and patient experiences do not happen in a closed system, but require a web of stakeholders and interactions. We’re building the capability for every patient to be matched with the care services they are eligible for. I am excited to share more about this vision later in 2024. 

I could not be more proud of the impact we have had or excited about what the future holds for Notable. To our partners - thank you for your trust and for making us better at every step of the way. To those who are interested in joining us - we’re continuing to hire the brightest minds inside and outside healthcare to advance our mission. And to those who are evaluating our platform, I’d welcome the opportunity to connect personally with you to learn about the challenges you’re looking to solve and discuss how we might partner together to solve them.

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