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Reid Health reports 8% decrease in no-shows and happier, more engaged patients

Reid Health reports 8% decrease in no-shows and happier, more engaged patients

Increasing patient visits without hiring additional staff.

Reid Health
Reid Health
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Indiana, Ohio





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Reid Health is a not-for-profit 271-bed regional referral medical center serving east central Indiana and west central Ohio. In keeping with its mission to provide quality care in a scalable and sustainable way, Reid Health has invested in intelligent automation to create intuitive digital experiences that connect, empower, and engage patients.

Reid Health initially deployed Notable to enhance the registration process, with the goal of alleviating administrative workflow burdens for staff and patients alike. Six months later, Reid Health has expanded its use of Notable to its 65 clinics across variety of patient cohorts, including geriatrics, pediatrics, family care and obstetrics/gynecology, and specialty clinics like radiology, cardiology, vascular surgery, allergy, sleep, and more.

Reid Health

"Like many health systems, our staffing needs exceeded our ability to hire. Notable has helped fill in these gaps and safeguard precious time and resources. We’re saving 3,500+ hours for the front desk, which has increased employee and job satisfaction, and will ultimately help us do the same — or more work — without hiring more staff.”

Chris Knight
Chris Knight

patient satisfaction rating


decrease in no-show rates


additional visits created over 6 months


projected annual cost savings

The challenge

Patient no-shows is a persistent issue in healthcare that adversely affects resource utilization, quality of care, revenue, and patient retention. No shows can be attributed to many factors, such as a patient’s socioeconomic situation, or the provider’s scheduling policy, which often puts the onus on the patient to find, schedule, and remember their appointment.

The solution

Using Notable, Reid Health is reducing no-shows and late cancellations by allowing patients to confirm appointments and receive pre-visit instructions and reminders digitally. As a result, the health system reports a 96% patient satisfaction rating across a variety of patient cohorts, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

With the adoption of intelligent automation, Reid Health prioritized implementation at clinics and patient cohorts with the lowest overall engagement. For example, Reid Health deployed Notable at its geriatrics clinic first and, within the first week, reported a 38% digital completion among these patients. Two weeks later, after Notable fine-tuned the registration experience to meet the needs of this unique patient population, engagement rates reached 56%. This engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the industry standard of 5-10%, can be attributed to Notable’s user-centered design and configurability.

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