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Notable Health Check

Our team identifies the value that intelligent automation can bring to your organization.

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We employ a proprietary diagnostic process called Health Check designed to identify where automation can make the biggest impact at your organization.

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First, we document your current workflows, baseline metrics, and identify areas where automation can have the biggest impact.


Next, we compare the diagnostic data with a peer cohort, evaluate potential opportunities, and project expected impact.


Last, we deliver a detailed Health Check prescription that will be made available to you and your team with the recommended workflows.

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How we deploy:
From discovery to iteration

Building a foundation for long-term partnership success.


We determine who the key stakeholders are, conduct interviews, gather requirements, and define the objectives you want to achieve.

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Qualitative and quantitative data collection

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Align core objectives and define success criteria

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Outline current and future-state workflows


With the objectives in place, we create a plan that recommends where automation will have the biggest impact.

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Configure build for each workflow

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Complete internal and external scenario testing

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Preview workflows with key stakeholders


Based on the plan our team executes in lockstep with the partner organization’s stakeholders to start the rollout.

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Educate staff on the new workflows

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Deploy rolling launch of one solution at a time

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Optimize workflows based on team feedback


We review quantitative and qualitative progress against goals and optimize our approach on an ongoing basis based on the feedback.

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Gather feedback from stakeholders

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Review progress on goals

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Make adjustments based on new information

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