Referrals Assistant

Capture and schedule more referrals with less work for staff

Automatically document all incoming referrals in the EHR and contact patients to schedule their referred care.

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"We partnered with Notable because they share our deliberate focus on improving patient, provider, and staff experience and engagement, as well as their expertise in both front-end and back-end workflows to holistically address suboptimal processes, such as patient registration."

Lucy Sumner

VP of Revenue Cycle

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patient satisfaction rate


phone calls eliminated per day


FTE hours saved for every 10,000 referrals


of referrals completed with automation

How it works

Simplify and accelerate the referral process for staff and patients

Continually scan faxes, messages, and portals to identify incoming referrals

Integrate directly with your fax queue to read documents and identify which are appropriate incoming referrals.

Referrals 1

Extract referral information from multiple sources and write data back into the EHR

Pull information from faxes using OCR, parse data, and extract key elements for input into your EHR.

Referrals 2

Automatically send text and email messages to schedule care

Ensure completion of referred care and improve patient keepage by prompting patients to self-schedule their appointment.

Referrals 3

Automate every step of your referral workflow

Referral order entry

Create referral orders in the EHR via data extraction of incoming faxes, EHR messages, and referral portals.

Referral scheduling outreach

Automate outreach via text and email to prompt patients to schedule referral-based appointments.

Referral dashboard

Gain complete visibility into referral sources in order to identify opportunities to reduce leakage and increase turnaround time.

Patient AI

Process and schedule every incoming referral

Why Notable

The Referrals Assistant difference

Without Notable

Manual workflows, point solutions, and EHRs

With Notable

Automated workflows, powered by AI


Labor Intensive

Staff can't keep up with the high volume of referral processing and scheduling work.


Digital assistants monitor multiple sources for incoming referrals, enter relevant data into the EHR, and proactively engage patients to schedule referred care.



Patients miss or delay care due to lack of transparency on the referral status and barriers to scheduling.


Patients are continuously updated throughout the care journey and are presented a digital self-scheduling option once the referral has been approved.

Without Notable

Manual workflows, point solutions, and EHRs

With Notable

Automated workflows, powered by AI


Heavy reliance on staff and the call center to manually reach out to and schedule patients.


Patients are either proactively outreached with an option to schedule care or are offered a self-scheduling web experience to book care anywhere, any time.

Time consuming

Patients must call into a call center to schedule any care or patients forego care completely due to lack of accessibility.


Online self-scheduling channels allow patients to schedule the care they need without needing to make multiple phone calls.


Status quo solutions lack the intelligence to honor provide templates and preferences resulting in distrust towards digital self-scheduling.


Notable assistants monitor and adhere to all provider templates and preferences ensuring that patients only schedule in the appropriate slots within a provider's calendar.

Referrals Assistant is part of Notable's comprehensive intelligent automation platform.

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decrease in check-in time


patient satisfaction rating


pre-visit registration & intake completion

“When we deployed Notable, we didn’t do an ounce of education or marketing to patients about the change in process. We simply sent a text. I was astounded to see 60% of patients were completing the pre-visit intake forms so fast, and I have nothing but confidence this number will continue to rise.”

Susan Tew

AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions
Intermountain Healthcare
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reduction in chart time


minutes saved per chart


equivalent of FTE saved

“Notable’s intelligent automation platform enables us to utilize data in a meaningful, actionable way. For example, we now have a streamlined way to collect and report patient information, which is typically a major barrier for operationalizing VBC. For so long, our care coordinators were mired in paperwork and data entry. Now, Notable surfaces the right data at the right time to eliminate the many minutes per patient they would normally spend fact-finding in the EHR.”

Dave Henriksen

VP of Operations
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successful authorizations


digital completion Rate


patient satisfaction

“Notable is much more than a vendor. They are a true partner that complements our mission and vision, which is to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Notable was the first organization that listened to our needs – throughout our initial scoping and implementation discussions, their team would come back to us with new solutions and capabilities that could be readily deployed to solve the challenges unique to our community.”

Carl Selvick, PharmD, MBA, FACHE

Former Senior Director, Clinic Operations
Fort HealthCare
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patient satisfaction rating


care gaps closed in 3 month period


estimated hours saved

“By leveraging intelligent automation to automate repetitive, manual tasks like care gap outreach, we can develop efficient workflows that can be tailored based on the unique needs of each of our patient populations. Notable gives us the insights we need in order to ensure patients receive the exceptional care they need, right when they need it.”

Mark Thiel

Former VP of Primary Care
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