How Intermountain Health reduced patient check-in time by 25%

With Notable, Intermountain Healthcare launched a fully automated digital patient experience in just four weeks, which led to a 96% patient satisfaction rating.

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Intermountain and Notable Health
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Utah, Nevada, Idaho

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Digital front door

The challenge

Like many health systems, Intermountain’s patients checked in by filling out paper forms on a clipboard, with many questions repeated across different types of forms.

In addition to slowing down the check-in process, this workflow created a substantial amount of busywork for staff, who needed to manually scan insurance cards and informed consent forms into the EHR, as well as enter data into the right fields. These challenges grew more pronounced with the emergence of COVID-19, which underscored the need to minimize the time patients spend in the clinic and to reduce the use of shared items like clipboards and pens.

The solution

Notable deploys ‘digital assistants’ that perform repetitive administrative and clinical tasks just like a human would, enabling Intermountain to engage more patients in need of care, while automating the manual and oftentimes complex workflows required for a typical patient visit.

The experience is optimized for ease of use: patients do not need to download an app or create a log-in to complete the registration, and information shared from previous visits is automatically populated for patients to review and confirm.


“When we deployed Notable, we didn’t do an ounce of education or marketing to patients about the change in process. We simply sent a text. I was astounded to see 60% of patients were completing the pre-visit intake forms so fast, and I have nothing but confidence this number will continue to rise as we look to expand Notable across all of our other providers.”

Susan Tew
AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions, Intermountain Healthcare

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Susan Tew
AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions, Intermountain Healthcare

Notable impact

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With Notable, Intermountain launched a new digital patient experience in less than 1 month.

“Due to the coronavirus, we had to move from a traditional model of in clinic visits, to virtual visits - almost overnight. Because of this, the need for digital registration reached a new level of urgency. With Notable, we were able to deploy this feature in a month, and could easily optimize it as our needs evolved over time.”

Intermountain’s reimagined patient intake has received a 96% patient satisfaction rating.

“The experience is so seamless that the patient thinks they think they are engaging with a single platform. In reality, Notable allowed us to create an experience that looked and felt as it was all part of Intermountain’s existing digital front door.”

Over 90% of patients now complete their entire check-in prior to setting foot in the clinic.

“Notable is incredibly intuitive and works seamlessly with our EHR - so we didn’t need to retrain our staff or overhaul existing administrative workflows. On the flip side, we’ve had older patients tell us the Notable interface is easy to interact with, even though they describe themselves as technically challenged.”

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